ماسه ساز رآک ان رآک نوع جدیدی از سازنده های شن و ماسه عمودی ، یا به اصطلاح سنگ شکن "Rock & Rock" ، که در آن سنگ ها با برخورد به سندان خرد می شوند.
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Technical data are approximating and should be used as guide only. Capacity and power requirements depend on the type and characteristic of the feed material.

Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers- (Rock On Rock)

VSI (Vertical Shaft Impactor) are suitable as tertiary crushing machines. The VSI offers the user many advantages over other methods of crushing. Including High tonnage, low capital investment, “cubical particle shape” and low operation cost.

The VSI is used as tertiary crushing machines to produce high quality sand for concrete, asphalt and cubical shaped aggregate at a low initial capital cost. New design features incorporated to assure low operating cost and ease of maintenance, versatility, high tonnage, cubical particle shape and operating simplicity.
The rotor which is set in heavy roller bearings is driven by a maintenance free belt drive system with tensioning device and an electric motor. ASCOMIX s VSI is equipped with a large dimension outlet which ensures smooth delivery of the crushed material.

The blades and rotor protection plates can be checked and replaced through the maintenance aperture in the cover without any dismantling. The rotor and the feed cone can be easily replaced after removal of the cover.